Paw-Paw, WV - THE Best Disc Golf Course

Welcome to my personal tribute to the best course I have every played, anywhere in the world. I hope this inspires you to visit the place, or you just generally enjoy it :)

What a great setting. The course rolls down these hills and into the woods beyond.

This truely expresses the course. I found this in the log book in the barn. "Hole three will haunt me in my darkest hours. I hath been taken to the woodshed."

March, 2001 Update: With the addition of 40 acres, holes A thru I have been added to the course. I do not have photos of these holes yet, but will come September. I have added descriptions of each hole below.

Update, continued: Here are the scheduled events for this year:

- May 5th/6th: 3rd Wedding Anniversary Tournament/Pig Roast. Please bring side dishes/you know the drill. Sat Singles/Sun Doubles. OPEN - $30 / AM - $15

- WEST VIRGINIA OPEN (Laborday weekend): Friday, August 31 2001. Bring your doubles partner. Cost is $50 a team.

- Saturday/Sunday, September 1/2 2001: !GOLF! Costs are: $65 OPEN/Masters/Women, $45 Amateur. Saturday is a Night Time Bonfire (weather permitting), Sunday is Final 18 with the world's laziest gallery, WV Style. Entry fees include PDGA fees, Parking, Camping and Birdie Pot. Amateurs must pre-register, minimum of three players to hold a division.

- Monday, September 3 2001: Mixed Doubles BRING OPPOSITE SEX or dress in drag

For a hole-by-hole look at the entire course, follow along below.

Hole 1; Hole 2; Hole 3;
Hole 4; Hole 5; Hole 6;
Hole 7; Hole 8; Hole 9;
Hole 10; Hole 11; Hole 12;
Hole 13; Hole 14; Hole 15;
Hole 16; Hole 17; Hole 18
Hole A; Hole B; Hole C
Hole D; Hole E; Hole F
Hole G; Hole H; Hole I